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Fits and Starts

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Photo Credit: Toa Heftiba on Unsplash. I couldn't find a good image for fits and starts so you have to imagine it.

The first thing anybody who knows anything about blogging advises beginner bloggers is that consistency is key. I get that. I like knowing what’s coming when. I like the sense of control that gives.

Here’s my issue, though. Every time I tried to blog on any sort of schedule (weekly, daily, monthly, yearly), it inevitably became not fun. I think I may be one of those people for whom the pressure of producing is counterproductive. It’s not that I can’t do it. I never missed a deadline in my life. It’s just that it becomes less creative for me, more of a chore.

Ironically, it has taken me two days to write this post. I got distracted by chats with writers from my writers’ group, emergency calls from my family (recipe for lasagne needed urgently), or my “don’t forget the kids” alarm, which ensures I’m not late for school pickup.

It’s a constant conflict for me between being productive and being creative. I get bogged down by “productivity”, and I get fewer and fewer opportunities to be creative. To have extended hours of deep work, as it were. And I realise I’m extremely privileged in the sense that I can do this instead of an actual job.

What is my point? That’s always a good question. Habits are good. We are what we do. But, as someone in my writers’ group said, if we did everything we should do first thing in the morning, we’d be at it the whole day. I don’t know that I have a takeaway. It’s another big no-no of the blogging world, by the way. You should always have a takeaway, nicely packaged in a quotable sentence—fast food for thought.

My point is, this blog may be inconsistent. Because I do this for fun, and so I’d like it to stay that way. Consider it an opportunity to deal with uncertainty.


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