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Human Fragments

A FREE Short Stories Collection

What makes us human? Is it the big things ... or the little things?

And how do we collect all these fragments - large and small - into ourselves?

In her first short stories collection, author and psychologist Gal Podjarny explores what makes up the self in Human Fragments:

  • When Jade, a non-binary smartass, decides to try a new technology that can change their entire personality, they end up in a position they never could have imagined in Jaded.

  • Josiah, The Banker of the title, arrives with good news: his clients have extra time banked, so they won't be dying today ... but what happens when one client doesn't want it?

  • In Say My Name, Michal returns home from a job interview and finds a doppelganger has taken her place. But which is the 'real' Michal ... is it her, or the doppelganger? How can anyone tell?


Stemming from years of studying psychology, Gal Podjarny questions what we take for granted: the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves.

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