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2018 Year End Reviews - Part 3 Maybe

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Right. My amazing MIL took the kids to play outside, so I estimate I have about an hour. I'm completely ignoring the nearly 100 emails in my inbox and ploughing through this. Let's see. Where were we?

Thursday: Keep doing

I want to keep journaling, obviously. I've neglected it a bit since we came to Israel, but I'm hoping this is due to the massive amounts of family members and friends that we've met in the last ten days.

Friday: Stop doing

I want to stop playing so much phone games. Honestly, it's sucking up all of my time. I'm on holiday so I don't beat myself down so much, but they're as addictive as the best drugs.

Saturday: Out of my comfort zone

I think going to explore the city on my own will definitely be out of my comfort zone. I don't like touring on my own which is the reason, I think, I've never done it. But I decided that life's too short to be hiding in the house. There's also a project I may be taking on that will be interesting and something I've never done before, but it's a bit too early to talk about it. Why am I talking about it, then? Because I'm excited :)

Sunday: Setting intentions

I'm not entirely sure from the challenge page whether this is like goals, but I'm going to assume it is. My goals for 2019 are:

1. Finish editing Labour Pains, so it's ready to be sent out to agents and such;

2. Finish writing Rise of the Writers;

3. Go to a new place with my family (plans are starting to form up for our summer trip);

4. Take courses, explore, and take advantage of the city I live in;

5. Keep growing and learning.

Monday: Something new

I would like to, as I've mentioned, to start exploring the city I live in. I also think perhaps 31 prompts are a bit much for year-end reviews.

Tuesday: Self-care

I actually do take time for self-care, unlike most mothers I know. I see a therapist and a chiropractor on a regular basis. I meditate and do yoga every day. We don't have a car, so I walk or bike a lot. I want to be more consistent in planning out our meals for the week because when I do that, we eat much healthier at home.

Wednesday: Contributions

I'm keeping my volunteer work next year, which is the thing that makes me feel like I'm contributing the most. I also enjoy it.

Thursday: Education

I'm taking an editing course that starts in January. I also consider the podcasts I listen to (particularly things like This American Life and Scene on Radio) as education. And reading any non-fiction, which I often do.

Friday: Career

My career goals... hmm... I know I'm supposed to put in stuff like "publish a book" or "land a book deal" or something, but I honestly think these things are influenced by so many factors it's a little bit ridiculous to set these as goals. So I'm going with "becoming a better writer".

Saturday: 2019 will feel successful if...

If I learned something new most days. If I worked hard and did my best to connect to my creativity and channel it onto paper (well, keyboard). If I still have good relationships with my partner and kids. If I've kept in touch with my extended family.

Sunday: Top three 2019 goals

I'm pretty sure we've done that already, but I've written five goals. So the top three are: finish editing, go to a new place with my family, and explore the city.

Monday: Lessons learned

I know. We're venturing into the future. It's best I finish this up now, while I can. Lessons learned through this year-end review: 31 prompts are too much for a year-end review. Twenty would have been quite enough. Also, I think I'm pretty much on track with most of my goals. Which begs the question: why do I feel like I'm not getting anything done? I may address this in a future post if I ever figure it out.


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