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A Letter to my Daughter on Her 8th Birthday

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Puppies Cupcakes by The Podjarnys

My Love,

How you've grown this last year. You kept dancing and even increased the number of hours. We noticed, together, that when you dance you have more energy, not less. So I say yes when you want to participate in competitions and performances, and when you find yet another dance class (as long as it makes sense for everyone). I feel like you are now expressing yourself through dance, as you compose and choreograph yourself (and your friends) into various dances.

I've been writing you a letter once a year, and this is the 8th one. I was reading those letters and noticing how much I've grown with you. You keep me on my toes as a parent. You are not what they call "an easy child", but you are so much fun to raise. Most of the time. You are strong-minded and assertive but also incredibly friendly and kind and compassionate. You've taught me to keep my head, to be flexible, and to listen to my heart. I genuinely think I wouldn't have made the leap from scientist to artist without you.

Your ways of persuasion have matured over the years. For example, for this birthday you have asked for puppy cupcakes (as in the picture), puppy cake, and a puppy-themed birthday party. I told your father I think you're trying to tell us something.

You try new things which I like a lot. It's a new development. It's been hard for you to try out new things, go to places where you're not sure who will be there and what to expect. You're getting better at it, and I see all the hard work you put into being ok with not knowing what to expect. I think you understand how when you leave the house, you find magical things.

I also love our time together. You ask me for "Mummy Time", and then we cuddle on the sofa and talk about things that happened. Or things you'd like to happen. Or things that you're afraid would happen. I like these talks.

This year, I wish for you to be patient. Don't grow up so fast. Stay a kid just a little longer. And be patient with us, too, as we stumble our way through learning what's the best way to help you grow.




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