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A Letter to My Daughter on her Seventh Birthday

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Yesterday I didn't post. I could find excuses and say it's because we had a full day making cupcakes to bring to class today, but the truth is I just forgot. I'm trying to keep a habit, though, and the main thing about a daily practice is that it's ok if you miss a day, as long as you pick it up again tomorrow. So that's what I'm doing. Daily blog chain: 1.

My Dearest,

My, how you've grown. Really. Literally. You had the biggest growth spurt you've ever had this year. A full 10 centimetres. You are wearing clothes that are size 6-7, and we finally gave away all the size 3-4 clothes you were still wearing last year. Unsurprisingly, it came with frequent tooth-fairy visits. May your fourth tooth come out already because I can't stand how far you can push it out of your mouth.

It's been a busy year. During the first two-thirds of the year, you took on perhaps a little more than you could chew. Four hours of dance every week, plus an art club and horse riding. It was a lot. It was no wonder that just before Easter you have had enough and decided you don't want to do any ballet anymore. After a talk, you decided to switch to a different ballet school, which I think is working better, but you don't want to continue. At the beginning of the year, those were my concerns exactly. That it would be too much and you won't have fun anymore. I'm sorry I didn't push harder to get you to lower the amount of time.

You like horse riding, however, and you are having lots of fun. And you took up the guitar, which you're very excited about. So I guess we are now exploring new ways to express that big personality of yours. And that's fine. It's great. Now is the time to try out new things and explore. But it was a lesson in finishing what you've started, too, as you keep going to the dance classes you decided to continue on Easter.

If last year was the year of the boys, this year has been the year of the girls. Your friendships with other girls are critical to you this year. I'm so happy you have several good friends, and that you are kind and considerate of all of them. I've seen you console a friend in tears, fight with a good friend and make up, and spend hours on end giggling about potty humour jokes. Yep, you're doing childhood exactly right.

So, for next year, I wish for you to learn. I wish for you to learn that true friendships can weather the nastiest fight, but that you need to work hard and respect your friends if you want to keep them. I wish for you to learn that sometimes change is for the better, and can open up new avenues or alleyways or just colourful market streets. I wish for you to learn that perseverance has value as well, especially in making us feel competent. And I wish for you to learn that no matter what heartbreak or triumph this year holds, you can always count on your family to be here for you.

Love as always,



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