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A Letter to my Son on his 10th Birthday

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A mummy cake baked by Mummy. Hilarious.

My son turned ten last Saturday but, seeing as it was half-term and a dear friend hauled my kids and me to the beach for four days with little connectivity and lots of pebbles to explore, I didn't get around to my yearly tradition before. So here goes.

My Lovely,

Ten is quite a significant birthday. As you reminded us repeatedly, you've turned from single- to double-digit. It's an opportunity to take stock and reflect on where your life is going. When we discussed this, you said you wanted to be a scientist in ten years, which I like a lot.

I can totally see you as a scientist. You have an unquenchable curiosity about how the world works. Just now, on our trip to the beach, you've explored different rocks, gravity (also known as throwing rocks into the sea), astronomy (star-gazing), and the tides. I love taking you to new places and watch you discover things. You love figuring out how things work and learning new things. And not just me, many of your friends gave you non-fiction books for your birthday. They all know what you're interested in.

I love your musical abilities, too. You play the piano beautifully, and your dad and I love to take videos and send to the family to show off. Your trombone playing also took off, and although it's quite loud, I love hearing you play. You've joined two groups this year, and I'm so happy you're starting to find your people—people who love music as much as you do, people you could hang out with and just play around. I hope the new piano teacher will nudge you towards being a little more serious, without loosing the joy of playing.

And of course, your kindness and thoughtfulness. We asked you what you wanted from us for your birthday, and your first reaction was, I don't need anything. After considering all options, you decided on donating your birthday present to Greenpeace, because you're concerned about climate change. I thought my heart wouldn't fit in my body.

So what can I wish for you? You are happy, resilient, and confident. You bring joy to everyone around you. May the next ten years be a direct continuation of the last. I'm so very proud of you.




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