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Book Review - Atomic Habits

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I started reading James Clear's Atomic Habits before the Christmas break and finished it last week. It's possible that my feeling that this is a collection of blog posts held together by anecdotes stems from my intermittent (at best) reading of it. And I've read it during particularly difficult weeks, so I may have been less kind because of it. That doesn't negate the fact that you'd do well to just go onto James Clear's website instead of buying the book.

I love the website. It's crisp, and James's articles are usually interesting and helpful. That said, I have unsubscribed about a month ago because I was getting an excessive amount of book promo emails, so there's that. But, I generally love his ideas and writing, which is why I bought the book. I figured, the worst thing that could happen is I supported a blogger whose work I like to read. And that's about what happened.

There are no new ideas in the book. If you've been through the website thoroughly, you could have written this book yourself. There were no ideas I haven't heard before, but it's possible that's because I took a behavioural psychology course. I was utterly underwhelmed by this book, unfortunately.

Now, if you've never done habits work or you know nothing about behavioural psychology, this book may be exactly what you need. The language is clear and simple, the stories are cute, and it tells you exactly what you need to do. For me, this book had too little science and too much prescribed regimes to make a positive impact. But, again, I do love the website and blog, so there's that.

Bottom line: I supported a blogger whose work I like to read.


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