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End of January Reflections

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Boy, this was a tough month, personally and globally. It's also been a month of reflections, being the new year, the new decade, and my birthday. Upon reflection, I've decided to focus this year on my writing. Therefore, for now, I'm putting the music on the back burner. I'm not stopping completely, but I'm taking a break for a little while until I see how to fit this better.

January Goals

Finish The Missive (first draft). Nope. Didn't really start. I wrote a little but nowhere near a complete draft.

Go over my Rise notes, figure out how to proceed. YES. I even started writing a bit.

Finish reading Origin of Others (Toni Morrison) and Girl, Woman, Other (Bernadine Evaristo). Half. I finished Girl, Woman, Other (READ IT!) but not the Origin of Others. I am reading her Jazz and enjoying the lit course very much.

Work towards another open mic: nope.

Run twice a week. Nope, but I'm getting there.

February Goals

Polish first three chapters of Labour Pains. Reward: a stupid movie with popcorn.

Draft queries for agents. Reward: one doughnut.

Finish the first draft of The Missive. Reward: take half a day off and go see an exhibit.

Blog twice a week. Reward: chocolate (can you tell it's winter?).

Finish Jazz. Reward: a new book.

Run twice a week. Reward: a pros phone holder.


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