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End of May Reflections

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May is generally a good month for me. I usually have lots of energy as I'm sort of coming out of winter hibernation. This May was no different. I find that incredible, given everything that's happening in the world right now.

I set small goals on purpose at the beginning of the month, mostly focusing on establishing a writing and jogging routine. Here's a run-through of my writing goals and how I did on them.

  1. Finish a synopsis for LP: done.

  2. Make a list of agents: done. Send the manuscript to five: no. I find it strangely difficult to bring myself to send the manuscript out. I still think it needs to be better, even though my creative writing teacher has been encouraging.

  3. Continue editing LP: nope. I was working on my other novel, but that's not a great excuse.

  4. Finish editing the academic paper: sort of. My co-author and I went back and forth, it's still not done, but we've made significant progress on it.

  5. Edit/stylise The Missive: yes. It's done, and I like it, but it's too short to enter the competition I was aiming for so I'll have to find someplace else for it.

Overall, it's been a good month in terms of goals. When I was setting the goals, I completely forgot we were going to have the half-term break, which usually means I can't work the whole week as the kids are home. But this half-term the kids were home anyway before and are still home, so there was no big change, except that I didn't write on Monday because that was a bank holiday. All in all, I'm pretty happy with my productivity this month.

For June, I'm aiming to keep the routine even with the kids at home. I find that a weekly routine helps me as well, so I'm aiming to keep that mostly intact, and I want to push myself a little on working on my craft. I've been doing some writing exercises, which help, but I want to establish a routine of that. Also, as my study of Invisible Man sadly ended, I thought it would be a good idea for me to formalise my reading goals as well. So my goals for June are:

  1. Blog once a week

  2. Run twice a week

  3. Read 20 pages a day (can be anything)

  4. Do one writing exercise a week

In terms of writing goals, I want to keep working on the novel I'm excited about, and also short stories. So my goals are:

  1. Send LP to 5 agents.

  2. Edit LP for motifs (there's one, in particular, I want to put in).

  3. Keep working on Rise.

  4. Finish the first draft for the competition (there's a short story I started which I think might work).

  5. Continue working on the academic paper (we should be able to send it out by the end of June).

Again, small goals, keeping in mind that some days are just write-off days in which I wallow in the atrocious injustices happening in the world, and then I bake. If it doesn't happen to you, you need to read the news more.


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