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Friday Prompt: Audience

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Today, and based on a recent discussion we’ve had in the writers’ group, I invite you to think about your audience. Who do we write for? It can be ourselves, our future selves (how are they different?), or our grandchildren who will find our diaries after we’re long gone. It can be a specific person (a beta reader, perhaps) or a group that can range from niche (fairly educated, middle-class, working fathers in their 40s, for instance) to wide (young adults).

Regardless of who we write for, it’s useful to consider our audience and, more crucial, how does our audience impact our writing and our voice? If you are so inclined, I invite you to try out writing for different audiences and see if and how it changes your writing.


Hey there! I would love to hear whatever you're willing to share that came from the prompt. Please comment below or click on the chat window, even if it's only to tell me that you've found this prompt useful (or ridiculous).

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