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Friday Prompt: Gratitude

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Gratitude is one of those magic feelings. Feeling appreciation protects against the adverse effects of stress and increases well-being. I find that just writing down things I’m grateful for doesn’t really help. To feel that warm feeling of gratitude, I need to mean it. I need to concentrate on what I’m doing rather than jot down the usual suspects (partner, kids, health, running water). I need to do it intentionally.

Today’s prompt is simple: write a thank-you letter. But don’t just jot down a quick thank you. Write about how you felt, and describe the effect this person had on your life. Be specific. See if you can write about the experience: can you remember any details? Smells? Sounds? You may afterwards write it as a scene if you are so inclined. You don’t have to send the letter, but I encourage you to consider it. Think about the last time someone said thank you to you and how that made you feel. If the person you chose is no longer with us, or you decided to thank your younger self, consider posting it to yourself or hiding it for a while and “finding” it. It might make for a good journal entry when you get it back.

And while we’re at it, I’d like to thank you for reading. I particularly feel like I’ve done some good in the world when you tell me how my post made you think, which is the whole point of this blog. It makes me feel a little less alone with my existential questions.


Hey there! I would love to hear whatever you're willing to share that came from the prompt. Please comment below or click on the chat window, even if it's only to tell me that you've found this prompt useful (or ridiculous).

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