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Friday Prompt: Sensory Writing

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I'm reading Cathy Rentzenbrink's Write It All Down, mostly because I felt like the universe had sent me that one. I've been thinking about these prompts, and what I like about them (and I hope you do, too) is that they're not necessarily for writers only. Yes, you can use these prompts for getting to know your characters, but you can also use them to get to know yourself, even if you have no inclinations to "become a writer". For me, writing has always been a way to figure out what I think. I've been trying to collect prompts that help me with that and also allow me to figure out how I feel, what I like, what I want. I hope you can use these prompts this way as well.

So, today's prompt is a "back to basics" one, lifted from Cathy's excellent guide. Take ten deep breaths. Then, one by one, concentrate on each of your senses. First, make a list. Don't worry about writing beautifully or even complete sentences. What do you see? What do you hear? What does your skin feel like? Can you feel particular parts of your body more than others? What tastes can you feel in your mouth? What can you smell?

The list doesn't have to be very long. If you want, set a timer for five minutes for this part.

Then, play with your list. Here are two suggestions:

  1. Pick one thing and write about it in detail. At least one page. Write about texture, colour, how it makes you feel.

  2. Try to weave as many of the details on your list into the scene you're currently working on. Be specific: what birds can your character hear? Do they smell cinnamon from the nearby bakery or the neighbour's window? If you're not sure about a detail, note it. When you're done writing the scene, go do some research (e.g., native flora and fauna).

Enjoy your writing session!


Hey there! I would love to hear whatever you're willing to share that came from the prompt. Please comment below or click on the chat window, even if it's only to tell me that you've found this prompt useful.

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