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Friday Writing Prompt - Health

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I’ve been thinking about health lately. Not only because my daughter has a head cold and had to stay home from school today, but also because I’ve been trying to improve my overall health. This includes exercising more (and more regularly), trying out all kinds of eating arrangements (currently intermittent fasting, 16:8, it’s going very well), and trying to take care of my body more.

It’s also about mental health. I’ve been doing a Headspace course about pain management, and it has helped me see that I often think of my aches and pains as “signs that I’m getting older” or “signs that my body is useless”, whereas really, they’re just passing sensations. Annoying sensations, no doubt. But passing is the key here. And, as I mentioned before, these stories come from my anxiety, who apparently would like most of all for me to stay in bed all day.

So, based on this, today’s writing prompt is about health. As always, you can write for yourself (as a journal/diary entry) or for your MC. What are the things that we do for our health? What are the things we don’t think about until we have a health scare? If your MC is contemporary, have their thoughts about their health changed at all following the pandemic?

What I also wanted to consider is asking for help for our health. Perhaps write about an experience you had (or your MC had) with a health professional. How likely are we to seek help based on our past experience? Is there an objective way to know when you should seek help?

As always, feel free to share what you come up with or not. Have a happy, healthy weekend! :)


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