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Friday Writing Prompt: Year Review

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I know, I know. But hear me out.

When we were in Greece in October, my life partner and I took a kayak out to the little cove. We rowed to one side of the cove, where there were some rocks and seagulls and such. Then we started paddling back. It wasn’t far, but we were rowing against the current, and it was a bit windy. I felt like we were making zero progress, and I said it. My partner told me to look back, and only then did I realise how far we’d come.

Sometimes, when we’re heading towards a far-away goal (say, writing a book), it’s hard to look at the road ahead and see our progress. That’s why it’s a good idea, every once in a while, to stop, look back, and celebrate how far we’ve come. And that once might as well be at the end of the calendar year, no?

So, today, I invite you to look back at 2022. I have some prompts I use for my end-of-year reviews, which are:

  1. Biggest Accomplishment

  2. Biggest Challenge

  3. Time Well Spent

  4. Breakthrough Moment

  5. Favourite Memory

  6. Habits (both acquired and lost/broken)

  7. Out of my Comfort Zone

  8. What have I learned?

  9. Theme for 2023

  10. Setting Intentions

The last two are looking ahead already, but I find it helpful to think about a general direction in this context.


Hey there! I would love to hear whatever you're willing to share that came from the prompt. Please comment below or click on the chat window, even if it's only to tell me that you've found this prompt useful (or ridiculous).

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