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Hello World :)

When you learn to program in any software language, the first thing you do is get the computer to write "Hello World!" The first time I programmed a "Hello World", I felt on top of the world. Before that day, I was the student who crashed the school network three times and was asked politely to not come back to the computer lab. After that day, I was a software programmer.

Why am I telling you this? Because this feels like that day. This feels like the day in which I am taking the leap of faith. The plunge into the deep end. (Hey, I'm a writer in training. There are bound to be some cliches in this blog.)

The idea is to blog about my journey as a writer, and to have a place to post short stories or snippets as I go along (these will be in the "Stories" section). And to go from there.

Wanna join the ride?

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