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*** Back in February, my laptop keys, particularly the "i", was acting up. It was really annoying. I looked online for solutions and found that I should reinstall my laptop, something which I have no interest in doing whatsoever. My solution was to write a story without the letter i in it. Here's the result.


Jenna loves dogs. She has a Labrador puppy named Oscar. He acts as a support structure for her sadness. Replaces the mates she doesn’t have. When she strokes the fluffy fur, her dreams take her away from here. Away from stress and lonesomeness. Away from cloudy Mondays and empty cupboards. Away from the numbness of every day.

She stares out to sea except that the sea dwells at the end of her thoughts. She hungers for what? Not food, surely. No, her stomach stays empty even after a meal. She drowses, flows on a stream of thoughts that go nowhere. She lacks focus, she knows, but however hard she endeavours she cannot grab hold of the torch of her awareness to channel at the world before her eyes.


*** PS My "a" key has been acting up recently, by the way. But to be fair I have bigger worries just about now.

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