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Launching Today: Human Fragments

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Cover Credit: Lucy V Hay

I love it when things click into place.

I thought and deliberated for a long while (some here, some IRL) about becoming a writer. I tried several different ways: submitting manuscripts to agents, submitting short stories to magazines and anthologies, and even blogging.

After I got tired of magazines rejecting my short stories (which I thought were pretty good), I decided, as my mentor Lucy puts it, to take a chance on me. I decided to put a few of my short stories together and give them away to showcase my writing. I didn’t know which stories I wanted in there (I have more than ten short stories that didn’t make the cut), and I struggled with a title and, honestly, with the whole concept of anyone wanting to hear what I had to say.

But I kept polishing the stories, and with a LOT of encouragement from people around me, I finally settled on the three I liked the most. Then I was talking to Lucy, and we were fiddling with a cover, and like turning on a light, it all came together: the cover, the title, what these stories are about, what I want this book to be.

And so, excited and nervous, I’m launching my very first short stories collection today. I may even use an exclamation point by the end of this post, a punctuation mark I seldom use.

Human Fragments is about what makes us us. Is it our personality? What we choose to do with our time? What others think of us? Our relationships? Or maybe it’s all these things and a synergistic “more”? I find myself returning to the topic of identity again and again. The three stories included in Human Fragments are a dip into that topic.

Go on, download the book FOR FREE from Amazon onto your Kindle or other Amazon-supported device. And if you like it, don’t forget to leave a review so others might find it, too.



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