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On Filling Cups and Going All In

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

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First, an admin update: I was trying to switch to the new Wix blog, but I'm not entirely sure about it. One downside for me is that you have to be registered to comment, which I don't like. Everything else looks lovely, however, so I'm doing a hybrid for now. This means that if you're subscribed to my blog you are probably going to be directed to the new blog. However, if you would like to comment without registering, the blog link at the top will take you to the old blog. Sorry about any confusion, but for now that's what I have.

Last week was a busy week. I went to see Romeo and Juliet, which was a production of the Royal Shakespeare Company. This is the third production I've been to, and in all of them, they've done an excellent job of making the plays relevant to modern day audiences while keeping (almost) perfectly in line with the original language. That said, I find that Shakespeare requires quite a bit of suspension of disbelief. I mean, really, there was no other plausible solution except to give Juliet a potion that made her look as if she died? She couldn't run away like a normal 14-year-old? Anyway.

I also started my editing course. It was interesting, and I especially liked that we got some writing exercises that may be useful in the future. We talked about what it means to edit, and different types of first drafts and I enjoyed it. I like taking courses. I also met some fascinating people, which is always fun.

This week is going to be just as busy, it would seem. I'm being whisked away for my birthday, and we have tickets to see the new Cirque show with the kids. Meanwhile, I'm also reading an insightful book which I will tell you all about when I'm done, but it is helping me with motivation to work on my book and stories. So, while these kinds of posts are going to be a lower priority (but I'm planning on posting twice a week anyway), I hope I'll have more stories for you over the next few months.


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