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On Inspiration

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In the weeks before we moved to a new house, I had lost my inspiration. I hadn't written for weeks, and I was starting to worry that I never will again.

But then, all of a sudden, I did write. Bits and pieces started to come, and I placed them, gently so as not to break them, where I thought they should go. And that was like the sun coming out after two weeks of rain and suddenly everything is right in the world.

Why am I sharing this? Because when I wasn't writing, something that helped me was reading other people's accounts on their fallow periods. It helps to be reminded that the times when writing doesn't come are ok, too. It doesn't mean you're done writing. Eventually, these people told me, you will write again. This period was relatively short, and I can link it directly to the stress of moving to a new house. But sometimes you have longer periods.

The trick, for me, was putting the time in again. Before and after the move, there was a LOT of administrative work that took over my writing time. As soon as I could, though, I blocked off some time to write. And I would sit and stare at my screen for the hour I had blocked off and then go bake something. Or I would read stuff about writing (mostly blog posts because I didn't have enough attention span for books).

And then, one evening, a line of dialogue popped in my head. That's all, but it was the beginning. Then I knew I'd get it back eventually. Sometimes, you just have to be patient.


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