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On Organising

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

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A couple of months ago, I started working with Todoist. I like this app because it's reasonably straightforward, with no need for learning any fancy stuff. On the other hand, it has fancy features if that's your thing.

I was pleased with it: I put all of the little annoying things that always get away from me on the app, and then my phone reminded me that I need to pay this invoice or follow up on that email. And for a while, that was good.

Then, I noticed that I get sucked into doing those little things all day. I would spend my precious writing time paying invoices and booking kids' dentist appointments instead of writing. That won't do. These last few days, I decided to do a sweep and collate all of my tasks, from small to big, a "Getting Things Done" collection. I cleared my desk and my email inbox, and all the stuff I kept in my head. I added 101 tasks to Todoist yesterday.

I'm still not done, but the idea is to strike a balance between random things that I want to get done (e.g., calling my siblings every week, coming up with a submission strategy, keeping up with social media but not getting sucked into it) and time for writing. Hopefully, I'm heading towards that balance this week. So far, it's been much more random stuff than writing, but, hey, this is a start.

The kids are home now for the summer holidays, so my posting might be a little erratic. Also, I have a bunch of things to do. Posting here is one of them, though, so for a while, at least, it will be good.


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