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On Science And Early Birthdays

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My son, like his parents, is a geek. And as such, he could think of nothing more exciting for his 9th birthday than to go for a sleep-over at the Science Museum. Fortunately for him, his mom thought that was an excellent idea, and so, last weekend, I took him and two of his friends to the Science Museum sleep-over, cleverly named Astronights.

It was everything you'd expect a sleepover in a museum to be. We had sleeping bags and all that, and we slept in one of the galleries with a group of Scouts, and I think a science club from some primary school. There were also random parents with their children, of course. There were chemistry demonstrations and experiments until 23:00. It took a while to get everyone settled into their sleeping bags because how can you go to sleep after a liquid nitrogen demonstration? Anyway, the morning included time at the fantastic Wonderlab (if you haven't been since the renovation it's highly recommended for geeks of all ages) and an IMAX film about the Hubble. It was amazing. It reminded me again how lucky we are to be living in London. This incredible city has so much to offer.

In other news, this month is revolving around the birthday (and Halloween, of course, the only non-Jewish holiday we have adopted with enthusiasm). We have a class party (to which, of course, mom has to bake cupcakes) and just a get-together with friends on Halloween because cake before trick-or-treating with six kids under 9 sounds like fun. And later this week I'm embarking on the great organisation project, but more on that next time :)


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