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Retrospect Travel Log: Koh Samui and Leaving Your Comfort Zone Far Behind

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

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He's so grown up

We topped up our annual adventure with a week of relaxing in one of Thailand's renown beaches. We did this following last year when we discovered that two weeks of straight-up travelling was nice, but a bit too much. We were hoping that the week in Koh Samui would give us time to relax and energise before heading back home. It did, although we think now that possibly a week (well, six days) is too much of not-doing-anything for some members of our family (ahem).

For me, Koh Samui was perfect. Our resort had yoga classes and cooking classes and flower arrangement classes for the kids. We spent most of our time in the pool, and the kids loved it (and got sunburnt, of course, which led to much drama). I think I enjoyed six days at a very Westernised resort because this trip to Thailand was as much out of my comfort zone as Thailand is out of Europe.

My comfort zone: not to speak to anybody; have a regular, rock-solid routine; eat food I cook or at least know; stay at home where I know where (and how clean) the toilet is; be in a familiar environment at all times. This trip: completely opposite. I didn't have to speak to anybody, but being an adult travelling with kids, I had to speak to some people sometimes. Much more than I do in my daily life, for sure, as my daily life is construed such that I won't have to speak to anybody unless I absolutely have to. Routine was, of course, out the window as soon as we crossed the channel. I didn't cook, and while I've met Thai food before, we weren't really on a first-name basis just yet. I leave the toilet to your imagination. And, of course, definitely not a familiar environment throughout the two weeks.

But here's the thing: this whole year I've been stepping out of my comfort zone. Sure, mostly, I was shoved out of it by my incredible partner who knows me better than I know myself. And it's been amazing. Scary, sure. But also amazing. This trip to Thailand has been scary, but also amazing, too.

Usually, when we go on trips, I imagine myself living there. It would be a romanticised version of whatever catches my fancy (a villa in Spain, a cabin in the Norwegian mountains). And I typically carry this fantasy around with me for a good six months after we return, dreaming about moving to that place, making a life there. I've had those fancies in Thailand, but I no longer carry them with me. It may be because Thailand is so far away from what I know and am used to. But it's possible that, just now, I'm just really happy with my life here.


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