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Some of My Favourite Ray Bradbury Quotes

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Hello! I'm experimenting with blogging every day. Because I'm very new to this, I need your help. Please take a minute to drop me a line and let me know what you think. I will post stories, thoughts, and possibly recipes (if I'm having an off day). Here's the post for today.

I'm nearly done reading Zen in the Art of Writing by Ray Bradbury. A book review is forthcoming. But for now, here are some of my favourite quotes from this book.

"...what, you ask, does writing teach us? First and foremost, it reminds us that we are alive and that it is a gift and a privilege, not a right."

"It doesn't have to be a big fire... Look for the little loves, find and shape the little bitternesses."

"... ideas lie everywhere, like apples fallen and melting in the grass for lack of wayfaring strangers with an eye and a tongue for beauty..."

"... it is in the totality of experience reckoned with, filed, and forgotten, that each man* is truly different from all others in the world."

"... when a man* talks from his hearth, in his moment of truth, he speaks poetry."

"We all need someone higher, wiser, older to tell us we're not crazy after all, that what we're doing is all right."

"... the entire history of mankind is problem solving, or science fiction swallowing ideas, digesting them, and excreting formulas for survival."

"Literary history is filled with writers who, rightly or wrongly, felt they could tidy up, improve upon, or revolutionize a given field."

"Self-consciousness is the enemy of all art, be it acting, writing, painting, or living itself, which is the greatest art of all."

"We are cups, constantly and quietly being filled. The trick is, knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out."

"You treat ideas like cats: you make them follow you. [...] When they're off-guard, and ready to be born, I'll turn around and grab them."

"The artist must work so hard, so long, that a brain develops and lives, all of itself, in his fingers."

*I'm assuming Mr Bradbury meant human. Even if he didn't, that's how I read it.


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