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Summer Plans

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As you can probably tell, I've been thinking a lot about my plans for the summer. I've had two amazing days in which grandparents took the kids out, and I had the day to myself. I got a lot done. But the next few weeks are going to be different. The kids are home, and I'm not yet willing to sit them in front of a screen all day. Also, it won't be more than a day or two before I'll have cranky kids. So that's not a good plan for us. I also want to take time off to explore the city with them. I'm not making grandiose plans, however, because we do have just two weeks before we're off on a two-week adventure! (Updates along the way, hopefully).

But I do want to at least feel like we've done stuff. My kids are pretty big now, so I talked to them. We made a deal that I'll work in the mornings for an hour or two while they keep themselves busy. In return, I promised to be full on with them for the rest of the day. That means no checking my phone or working while I'm spending time with them. The idea is to get everyone rested before the new year begins, so we'll have to see how it goes. In the meantime, we have several things we'd like to get to this summer, including duck watching and the science museum. I'll tell you about our days out and update on my progress on days we stay home to relax. Today we're staying home, hitting the library and doing some science experiments, arts and crafts, and just hanging out.

Hopefully, we're all sane at the end of August. Keep your fingers crossed.


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