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Ten Things My Paradise Would Have

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I've been trying out this habit in which you write ten ideas every day. It can be whatever you like, but they all have to be on a single theme. So, ten new ways to enjoy your city, ten cities you'd like to visit, ten people you'd like to interview, etc. The hardest part for me is coming up with a theme, so I've been using this website that just gives you a theme. Recently I got an easy one: Ten things your paradise would have.

  1. A stream

  2. A beach

  3. Lots of trees

  4. Lots of books

  5. Comfy places to read in

  6. No bugs

  7. Pretty flowers

  8. Lovely veg

  9. No clocks or schedule

  10. Sun, but not too hot.

What does your paradise look like?


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