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The Great Organisation Project

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So, our house is a mess. See, what happened in the past was that every two years or so we moved to a new place**. Then, while you pack and unpack, there's a kind of natural selection as you have to put everything in boxes and you ask, about each and every item, "is it worth lugging it to the new place?"

But we've been in this house for over three years now, and it's getting cluttered. Very cluttered. So cluttered, in fact, that I--a person who doesn't notice messiness and who places the tidiness of a house extremely low on the priority list--began to feel smothered. The amount of stuff was suffocating me. So, I embarked on The Great Organisation Project 2018.

Because I had embarked on many Great Organisation Projects before, with limited success (maybe one shelf, sometimes the whole fridge, but never the entire house), I decided we required professional help. And so, today I had over a lady whose job it is to help people like me who have no idea how to figure out the house.

I threw away massive amounts of papers (kids' school booklets mostly), and we gave away three ginormous bags to the charity shop. We got rid of a bunch of stuff. Going through all of it was difficult for me because we started in the basement to make room for more stuff there, and that's where all the old photos and letters and notebooks reside. It was quite an emotional day.

But. You know that feeling after a haircut? When you feel light and energised and like you can take on the whole world? That's how I felt as we were walking back from the charity shop. I think we've done the hardest bit today. My personal hero/organiser is scheduled to come back tomorrow when we'll finish up the living room and tackle the kitchen. Over the weekend, the plan is to get the kids to give away most of their toys, and then she's scheduled to come back on Monday when we'll tackle the bedrooms. I'll have a before and after post next week, of course.

** I wrote a short story on this, but now that I've re-read it, I realised it's pretty bad. I'll work on it some more and put a link to it at some point, but for now, just know that there's a story there :)


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