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Things to do When You Find Writing Unbearable

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I think it's important that we say it. Even if you love writing and can't imagine your life without writing and your calling, your whole reason for being is to write stories, sometimes you might (like me) find yourself feeling that writing is unbearable. For the moment, of course. You can't stand your writing. You can't bear to look at it anymore. You hate the project you are working on as if it had stolen your phone and deleted all your games. You know what I'm talking about.

Here's what I've learned from being not a writer for twenty years before becoming a writer: it's ok. There is nothing in this world that you can passionately love 24/7 for a long time. You know why? Because you're human. Well, ok, I don't know you, so I'm going to talk about me. I'm human. And I can't love anything passionately 24/7 for a long time. I don't work that way. And that's ok. So, if you find yourself in this place, where you hate your writing, there are two things really that you could do: 1. give up and do something else; or 2. give up and do something else... for now. The first option includes taking professional aptitude tests as you decide to become a plumber or pipes manager or something. The second option is a little less nuclear (in the bomb sense).

I've come up with a list of things you could do when writing is unbearable. I hope you find it useful.

  • bake

  • cook

  • go for a walk

  • go for a run

  • play a board game with kids/partner/roommates

  • read

  • listen to a podcast (here are some recommendations)

  • listen to music

  • sing

  • dance

  • play an instrument

  • learn how to play an instrument

  • learn a new language

  • go to the store and buy spinach or kale or whatever

  • figure out what to do with spinach or kale or whatever

  • watch TV

  • get a haircut

  • take a bath

  • scroll through all of Twitter

  • watch the sunset

  • watch the sunrise

  • drive around (can be done on a bus, but remember to take a mask)

  • stare out of the window

  • meditate

  • watch the birds

  • listen to the birds

  • do the dishes

  • organise your closet/cupboard/drawers

  • draw

  • create a collage of your dream home

  • write a description of your dream home

And just like that, I'm writing again.


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