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Travel Log Part IV

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We'd said goodbye to lovely Sweden and moved on to Norway. Driving from Safflë to Oslo we noticed that, just before the border, the terrain started to change from plains to mountains. Norway is much more mountainous than Sweden, and so the views are different. My partner likes the Norwegian view much better, and I have to admit that when you hike to the top of the mountain, the view on the other side is breathtaking. Quite literally, but that's another story.

We spent two days in Oslo. It's lovely. We couldn't help but make comparisons to Stockholm. Oslo struck us as much more cosmopolitan. Maybe it was the English menus or the more modern feel. But I have to say we are starting to tire out of this trip. This is the part where we argue more about silly things, and mostly we don't feel like leaving the hotel room. So we didn't get to experience Oslo in full. We saw a few things, such as the Vigeland Park (a lovely garden with lots and lots of sculptures).

We spent almost a full day at the Folk Museum. In the open-air part, there are houses from different times and regions which kids can run around between. There are several houses you can walk into and see how people used to live, which I thought was very cool. There's also a part called "The Old Town", with houses from more modern times (1930s-1960s or so). It's highly recommended with kids, and I got a few story ideas already percolating in the back of my head.

There are many things we didn't do in Oslo, because we were already tired out. If we were just the two of us, we might have squeezed in a couple more museums. But travelling with kids means you need to decide what you focus on because you can't do everything. Especially not in two days, after you've been travelling for a packed week.

We have moved on from Oslo and it would seem that our weather luck has run out. We encounter some rainy days, but more on that next time :)


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