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Travel Log Part V

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The trouble with a trip to a place with beautiful views is that when it rains, there's not much to do. It's been raining for a few good days, and our hiking has suffered. We tried, though. On the way to Geilo, we went on the Likkistefjell hike. It's a beautiful hike through a bog (mostly squelchy ground, hiking boots kept us semi-dry). Then the route climbs over a few peaks, and you arrive at the gorgeous view you can see in the picture. But a few minutes after that picture was taken we had to start hiking back because a friggin' cloud came in. It's cold inside a cloud, and we're equipped for summer hiking. That said, at some point, a cloud wisp floated straight at us, and we stood and let it pass us, and that was cool.

In Geilo, we had a day of solid rain, which we spent at the resort we stayed in. Luckily, we're already tired, and the resort had a pool and a jacuzzi, so we were set. That said, a day indoors provides little updates. The kids learned how to bowl, but that's about it.

On our last day at Geilo, the forecast promised better weather. We decided to climb to the top of Prestholtskarvet, arriving at 1600m above sea level. We used the 2000 stone steps installed on the trail, but when we got to the top another cloud came in, and it was close to freezing. Since we had no warm clothes except for our soft shells and rain jackets, and the kids started to get grumpy (ok, we had a complete meltdown), we turned back and climbed all 2000 steps down. We had hot cocoa at the farm-base, not before getting soaked by said cloud's sudden shower. The sign at the bottom said "suitable for most hikers", but, in reality, they meant suitable for people who know what they're doing. There's no technical difficulty, but it's a heck of a climb. The kids made it to the top and would have been quite happy to continue if we had the proper gear, I think.

We left Geilo feeling like we didn't do it justice. In good weather, we could have hiked more, but mostly it's a place for views, and the views mainly got obscured by clouds. It's a shame. We generally feel like we need to return to Norway in good weather so we can see the fjords properly.

We're on the last leg of the trip, so my next and final update will be back in London. Until then, stay dry :)


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