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Trip Reading List

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I was going to write a "This is what 42 looks like" post, but I got bored writing about myself. So instead I decided I'll make a trip reading list. Because what's the point of being on a trip to a sunny place if you can't sit outside and read? This list is unfinal, so feel free to send suggestions my way.

Currently, I'm reading Ulysses through a Litsalon study, so I'm definitely going to keep reading it. I'm enjoying it so far, although a) chapter 3 is a doozy, and b) I feel like a complete failure as a writer after reading Joyce. I'm also reading Superior by Angela Saini, but I'm almost done. It's fascinating and terrifying, and a completely recommended nonfiction read. For fun, I'm reading Bring Up the Bodies (the second volume of Mantel's Cromwell trilogy), which is... yes, I'm going to go with interesting.

After I finished Superior, I want to read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert because I absolutely adore her. I'm actually considering taking a break from Mantel and reading something light and easy, possibly Get a Life, Chloe Brown which is in my want-to-read list but I can't remember why. My want-to-read list has almost 1000 books in it so I might need categories for future use. That might be a project for the trip as well. Or I might read something by Jenny Lawson. She's funny.

I'll get that right away, shall I?

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