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Vision Board

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I’m not a visual person. I mean, to the extent that humans experience the world mainly through their eyes, sure, I’m human. But I prefer written text to picture except for particular cases (e.g., a well-designed graph). Infographics drive me bananas. And I gloriously suck at making things pretty.

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve taken a course with the inimitable Lucy V Hay on Bang2Write. When Niraj Kapur said that we should make a vision board, I decided to do that for some reason. I usually ignore these things because I’m not a visual person. But this time, probably so that I don’t have to actually write anything, I decided to do that vision board. And it was actually kind of fun, so I decided to share it.

PS, I used Canva to do this vision board, and it was easy, even for me.


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