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Writing Prompt: Technology

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Happy Friday!

An ongoing argument with my generally reliable laptop got me thinking about the technology we depend on. The literal meaning of the word technology is "a systematic treatment (-ology) of craft, art, or technique". So, technically (sorry, pun totally intended), what I do on this blog is much closer to technology than, say, doom-scrolling.

But back to the prompt. We all rely on technology, from language to electricity, from cooked food to sewage. What is your stance (or your MC's stance) towards technology? Or if that is too broad, towards a specific piece of technology? Is there a particular technology that features in your current WIP or that you'd like to study more in-depth for your next story? Can you describe that technology for someone who never experienced it? What would happen if this specific technology disappeared? What would be alternative ways for people to achieve similar functions?

Have fun!


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