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On Hibernation and Planning

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Every year, around March, I get restless. I get annoyed with my complete lack of productivity (what do you mean I haven't finished my tasks for the year already?) and with my complete lack of organisation (no schedule? What is this, a brothel? [sorry, that was my grandmother, still in the back of my head]). This is usually the time where I take on a hundred projects. Sometimes I only take a few and then ramp it up in May. And this year is no different.

So, I decided to take advantage of my newfound determination and the fact that the kids are in school. What am I doing? I'm getting organised, so my grandmother can rest in peace for a few weeks maybe. I got myself a planner (it's pink, and that makes me happy) and planned out this week, including meals, weekly goals, you name it. I think meal planning is key because I don't have to worry about what's for dinner every single day. I just do what I told myself to do on Sunday. Planning what I want to work on each day also helps because I can just get going.

I decided to put my postpartum depression novel on hold for a little while (just a couple of months or so) and focus on publishing some short stories. I'm also researching a new and exciting project, so I'm reading lots. And I decided that I need one craft day a week. Craft day is a day in which I work on my craft: read about writing or creativity, try out some exercises, and so on. Hopefully, I manage to keep up with all of those.

I'm still not doing a full-on schedule. I still think it's less conducive to my creativity right now. But that's fine, as long as I get everything I want to get done. For which the lists of things I need to do are helpful because then I'm less likely to forget.


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