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Searching for my Voice

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Photo by Jason Rosewell on Unsplash

My writing voice has always been strong. As I mentioned, people often tell me I write like I talk, that they can hear me talking when they read my words. Which is good, I guess. It means it’s authentic if nothing else.

But I’ve gone back to singing, and I had my first voice lesson with the fantastic Julie, and I immediately knew this would be a part of my journey. She talked to me about making noise, thinking we were louder than we actually were. She recorded me to prove it. We talked about connecting with a song emotionally. We talked about connecting how we sing to how we speak, that our body should be able to do that without much effort.

So, I have a lot to think about these coming weeks. I’m thinking about my speaking voice as well as my writing voice. I’m thinking about the things I choose to say (or write) and the things I choose to omit. I’m thinking about taking up space, being loud, and who exactly expects me to be quiet. I still have such a long way to go, but fortunately, the universe keeps putting wise women in my path for me to learn from.

I leave you with this song, which I’ve been obsessed with lately.


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